Expansive Mortar

  • High Range Soundless Cracking Agent
  • High Range Soundless Cracking Agent
High Range Soundless Cracking AgentHigh Range Soundless Cracking Agent

High Range Soundless Cracking Agent

  • Type: expansive cement, stone cutting
  • Model Number: HSCA-1;HSCA-2;HSCA-3;;HSCA-4
  • Main Raw Material: CaO
  • Strength Grade(Mpa): 62.5R
  • Product description: EXPANSIVE MORTAR Non-Explosive Demolition Agent is a non-toxic and cementations powder, which consisting of calcined oxides of calcium, silicon and aluminum, EXPANSIVE MORTAR becomes a highly powered

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High Soundless Cracking Agent(HSCA),as known as static cracking agent, is used for the mining and cutting of precious stone materials such as granite, marble, jade and so on, and for the cracking and removal of special works such as urban concrete structures, open caissons and pile heads. The cracking process is without vibration, noise, dust and harmful gas. HSCA is a safe, environment friendly, high energy material.

During producting, we adopt advanced technology of carbon reduction, denitration and energysaving and use the blowout prevention technology with independent intellectual property. HSCA is an achievement of national science and technology project. Our company has perfect test conditions, and the scale of annual output is 35,000 tons. This product executives Standard JC506-2008, and our company is one of the drafting units for the Standard. Our product has complete types and specifications, in addition to the three types in the Standard, the company has developed specialized products in high extremely cold and hot areas, which has been put on the market, being applicable for a wide range of apertures

Applicable Environmental Temperature for Products of Various Types

Types Applicable Temperature Range/℃ Remarks
HSCA-Ⅰ 25~40 the Standard
HSCA-Ⅱ 10~25 the Standard
HSCA-Ⅲ 5~10 the Standard
HSCA-Ⅳ 40~50 Superior to the Standard

The special big aperture product is used in the project of the aperture from 50mm to 100mm.

1. Do wearing safety long sleeve rubber gloves when constructing .Wearing safety glasses when filling the        holes. Do not look directly to filled holes.

2. The water-HSCA ratio is 0.30, mix HSCA uniformly with approximately 1.5L of water per 5kg of HSCA by  hand or preferably with mechanical mixer.It is harmful if the ratio enlarged. Do control the additive quantity of water strictly. It is better to close the lower limit. Applicable bore diameter is 30-50mm.

3. HSCA is very sensitive to the temperature of the constructing condition, do choose the correct type.


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